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"I believe that good design is “tributary” in both senses of the word: it pays tribute to, reveres, that which inspires us, drawing upon the essence of a body of work or a style without simply imitating; and in designing something new, one makes a statement, a small “tributary” stream that feeds, along with other statements, other ”streams” of thought, into a larger flow of ideas that may, ultimately, define a new style, a new movement."Bret Bortner Signature



"FORM: Essence and Simplicity in Product Design"Bret Bortner is pleased to announce the publication of FORM: Essence and Simplicity in Product Design the catalog he wrote and published to accompany the “Thirty Year Retrospective of Bret Bortner Design, Ltd.” hosted by the Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph, Michigan in March & April of 2012.

The catalog follows the evolution of Bret Bortner’s production pottery from its inception in a garage in Dundee, Illinois in 1982, through its peak years shipping a million dollars a year to retail stores around the country, including its biggest buyer, Crate & Barrel.
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