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Arts & Crafts :: Stoneware Vases

A Tribute to the Potteries of the Arts & Crafts Movement

Arts & Crafts Movement Vases

In creating this line of vases, I acted as much as an editor as a designer. I selected a series of shapes that I found to be classic and representative of both the Movement in general and the specific art potteries whose work I admire the most: Rookwood, Grueby, Teco, Marblehead, Chelsea, Van Briggle, and Newcomb. A short history of The Arts and Crafts Movement came with each vase.

Some of these shapes were near reproductions; some were derived from vases that were hand decorated with floral or Art Nouveau patterns; and some were sculpted with relief patterns of stems and leaves. In my contemporary interpretation and tribute, I chose to reduce these classic works to their simplest shape, their essence, and offer them in a variety of monochrome, satin matte glazes.

Left to right: Grueby, Van Briggle, Chelsea, Newcomb, Rookwood, Marblehead, and Teco.

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This collection chronicles the design career of Bret Bortner and features many of the ceramic designs he created over a thirty year period. These designs are no longer in production.